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Ulysses S. Grant

National Historic Site

About the Park

Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site preserves the site of White Haven Plantation - the home of the family of Grant's wife, Julia. Grant met Julia at the home and would later live at or near White Haven in the years leading up to the Civil War.  

Key activities:

  • The Home. Guided tours of the home are offered throughout the day.

  • Museum. The Museum in the adjacent barn explores Grant's life.

  • Film. 22 minute orientation film provides an overview of Grant's life.

  • Grounds. The site has a walking path around the house as well as other small buildings that were part of the planation.

Other Things To Do:

  • Grant's Farm. Across the street from Ulysses S Grant NHS is Grant's Farm, which is not associated with the National Historic Site. Grant's Farm is a privately owned park known for its fall festivals and Christmas lights. On its grounds, you can see "Hardscrabble" - the log cabin that Grant built and briefly lived in.


Ulysses S Grant NHS NPS Site

Discussion Topics

  • Ulysses Grant was opposed to slavery, but at White Haven he lived with his wife’s family who supported it. How do you think you would respond in that situation?

  • Grant’s time at White Haven was difficult and he struggled to make a living for his family. Just ten years later he would be President of the United States. What do you think Grant might tell us about maintaining hope during hard times?

  • While at White Haven, Grant tried farming and other labor intensive jobs in order to try to provide for his family. Later, as General and as President of the United States, he always remembered the difficulties of those who were poor and less fortunate? How can we also remember those who have less than we do?


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