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Guilford Courthouse

National Military Park

About the Park

Located in Greensboro, NC, Guilford Courthouse National Military Park preserves the site of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781 between Nathaniel Greene's Continental army and Cornwallis' British army during the Revolutionary War. 

Key activities:

  • The Visitor Center offers a film and museum.

  • The battlefield. The battlefield can be hiked, biked or driven. A road loops the battlefield and offers parking at any notable spot. 

  • The monuments. The site most notable monuments - the Greene Monument and the Signers Monument - are just 1/10th of a mile behind of the Visitor Center, but they also have their own parking area. 


Other things to see:

  • The Greensboro Science Center (essentially a zoo), is located on adjacent property.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park NPS Site

Discussion Topics

  • During the Revolutionary War, a lot of the fighting against the British was done by local militias – that is, groups of farmers and regular people who helped join the fight. These people had little to no military training and joined simply to help the cause. How might you feel if you were a part of a militia that was facing the professional British Army?

  • Defense in Depth is a military term that refers to layers of defense, but the idea also can be used in everyday life. What’s a way that you think it might apply to your life? How can it be helpful to provide many different types or layers of defense?

  • A Pyrrhic victory is one that comes a such a great cost, the victory may not have been worth it. This can possibly apply to an argument you may have had with another person. For example, sometimes, even if you’re right, if you argue your point in a way that hurts another person, it may not have been worth fighting about at all. Have you ever experienced that in your life?  


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