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George Washington Birthplace

National Monument

About the Park

George Washington Birthplace National Monument preserves the site of George Washington's birthplace and home until the age of 2. The site includes a recreated historic farm area, the gravesite of many of Washington's ancestors, and a broad area of trails and a riverfront beach.

Key activities:

  • The visitor center. Includes a short film and a few exhibits.

  • The historic farm. Walking the grounds of the fam is self-guided except for the Memorial House, which requires a 15-20 minute guided tour to see.

  • The family gravesite and beach. Continue around the obelisk and head north. Near the end of the road, there's a small parking lot for the gravesite of Washington's family. At the end of the road is another small parking lot for the beach.


George Washington Birthplace NM NPS Site

Discussion Topics

  • At the time he was born, George Washington was just another member of the family. No one knew he would someday become known as the "father of the country." What possibilities await each of us?

  • Josephine Rust and many others worked hard to build a memorial site at George Washington's birthplace. Why do you think they felt it was an important place to remember?

  • Do you know exactly where you were born? Have you ever been back to that site?


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