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Cedar Breaks

National Monument

About the Park

Cedar Breaks National Monument is a three mile wide, 2000 feet deep natural amphitheater in southwest Utah. Unlike the nearby Bryce Canyon, there is no hiking down into the amphitheater, so all available hikes are along the canyon rim. 

Key hikes:

  • Sunset Trail. The easiest way to experience the park. It's a mostly flat, paved trail that goes from the Visitor Center to the Sunset View Overlook. 2.2 miles roundtrip.

  • Alpine Pond Trail. A wooded hike that offers views of the amphitheater along the way. Can be accessed from either the Chessman ridge overlook or the Alpine Pond Trailhead. It's a 2.2 mile loop, but a trail connects the two sides in the middle, allowing you to make a roughly 1 mile loop.

  • Ramparts Point Trail. A moderately difficult hike that offers great views of the amphitheater. 3.7 miles roundtrip.


Things to know:

  • Cedar Breaks is famous for its wildflowers, which typically peak in early July.

  • Various Ranger-led programs are offered throughout the summer.

  • The Visitor Center is open from June to October, which are the best months to visit. Snow can cover the ground throughout the rest of the year.

Cedar Breaks National Monument NPS Site

Discussion Topics

  • The wildflowers come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. While many of them are different, some are very similar. What are some of the characteristics of flowers that can help you differentiate between different types of flowers?

  • Years of erosion along the walls of the amphitheater reveals colors from metals in the ground. Iron oxides provides reds, oranges and yellows while magnesium provides shades of purple. If erosion could affect people and reveal the thoughts and feelings inside of us, what do you think you would reveal? What do you think you would see in others?

  • Pause for a moment at the rim of the amphitheater to take in the vastness of the space and the variety of rocks and colors. How does this view make you feel? Does it feel overwhelming to you or does it feel peaceful? Why do you think you feel the way you do?


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